This article was originally published on Youtube.

The no mirror make up challenge

This article was originally published on Youtube.
No more make up checks in your selfie camera, MirraMirra provides an high end solution for impromptu mirror needs The simple product solution stemming from women struggling to do a face-check in selfie cameras, window reflections and even the mirror effect of a knife sparked the idea of Australian based company MirraMirra to create a
It is said that a woman’s best accessory is her smile. We are of the belief that a woman’s second best accessory is inevitably what keeps and captures that. Currently wrapping up their campaign on IndieGoGo before their 2017 retail debut, MirraMirra brings to market the best accessory we have seen, and subsequently the only
So, we have to admit – fashion tech is here to stay. With the incoming plethora of smart watches, wireless earbuds and bio-tracking fitness gadgets, wearables have finally moved away from their bulky finish, and towards a sleeker variety of sizes, styles and finishes. Here’s our top five list of existing and upcoming wearables that