The MirraMirra case is currently available for iPhone 6s & 7. The iPhone 6s case will still work on an iPhone 6 but will be slightly loose due to a small size difference in phones. We are currently working on developing prototypes to work with other devices. We want to get it just right so that the experience is perfect, whatever device you are on. If you have a device that you are desperate MirraMirra case for let us know here.

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MirraMirra is only 4.8 mm (0.19") thick. It just feels like part of your phone! We know that having a sleek, slimline phone is one of the benefits of an iPhone 6, 6S and 7 which is why we have developed the slimmest case possible. We think you’ll agree.

Even though the mirror on your MirraMirra case is a high quality glass mirror it has also been designed with extreme durability in mind. The mirror is high impact resistant and flexible. It is made with a replaceable toughened glass protector. If for some reason you do crack your protector we have provided a complimentary spare in your original MirraMirra packaging. Further mirror protectors can be obtained by contacting us.

There is no charging required for the MirraMirra phone case. The lighting function works with the existing LED torch light on your phone. We’ve developed a convenient device that seamlessly integrates with your phone, without another charger or battery life to think about.

Your MirraMirra Case is best utilised through your MirraMirra app. The app can be download free from the apple store. The app offers great features like activating you mirror light, the ability to change your screen colour to find your perfect glow, taking & editing selfies and much more!

Even though we recommend you use the app to get all the benefits from your MirraMirra case your case and lights will still work without it. So even if you are not a big app user you still can benefit from having a MirraMirra case.

The mirror is designed to slide open towards the top of your phone. To open your MirraMirra case push up with your thumb in the groove at the bottom of the case that contains the MirraMirra logo.

To remove your MirraMirra case from your phone, slide out the mirror to give your case more flex and then remove from your phone.

Yes! Not only is MirraMirra thin and sleek, it is very robust. The outer shell of the case protects your phone, making it shock-resistant. The mirror itself is made from custom designed materials making it shatterproof. Making this a resilient, useful phone accessory.

The MirraMirra case is available in the following four colours: Gold, Matte Black, White Marble and Rose Gold. We keep a close eye on trends however if there is a different colour your heart desires, we’d love to hear from you. We love feedback so get in touch here.

We deliver worldwide. MirraMirra is for everybody so we have made it available to everyone!

Delivery is FREE worldwide! You have the choice to pay for your own shipping which we will donate on your behalf to the Fred Hollows Foundation. You can make this choice at the MirraMirra checkout. It’s our way of giving back together.

More information on our relationship with Fred Hollows and what you can do to help can be found here.

From the date of your purchase, we will provide you a product free from defects in material and workmanship for a year (365 days). If you find a defect during the warranty period, we will repair or replace your product without charge to you. This warranty applies to phone case only purchased from the MirraMirra website. To file a warranty claim, click here.

Please note that only one promotional code can be used for each checkout.

Simply contact us. Be sure to include your order number! If you would like to change your colour, phone model or case type please be sure to be specific with the details in your email. If your shipment has not left the warehouse we will be more than happy to update your order. Unfortunately if your product has already been shipped you will have to follow our return policy.

How can I pay for my order?
Click on PayPal or Credit Card upon checkout.

Do you accept Credit / Debit Card?
Yes! We accept major credit / debit cards via PayPal and NO PayPal account is required for checkout
(except for a very few specific countries). Please choose "Don't have a PayPal account?" upon checkout.

I paid with my credit / debit card, but why did I get an email from PayPal for confirmation?
We use the PayPal platform, so even if you used your credit / debit card, you’ll receive a confirmation from the PayPal team. Doesn’t seem right? Contact us.

Do I have to pay taxes & duties?
Some countries may require import tax, duties and related customs fees for the import, and the cost is not covered in payments you made to us. These charges, if applicable, are determined and charged by the customs office of the destination country. For further details of charges, please contact your local customs office directly.


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giving back


MirraMirra firmly believes in helping others. We are focused on supporting projects that make the world a better place. You can be part of it too.

With every MirraMirra case purchased, you can choose to pay for your own $5 shipping at the check-out which we will then donate to the Fred Hollows Foundation on your behalf.

100% of your donations will be passed on to The Fred Hollows Foundation.
It cost as little as $25 to restore someones eye sight.

That means you can give someone the gift of seeing by referring 4 friends and all making a small donation. This way you know when you look in your MirraMirra case you’ve given someone the chance to look in the mirror too.

Why did we chose to support The Fred Hollows foundation?

Today there are over 32 million people in the world who are blind - but many don’t need to be. Fred Hollows had a vision of a world without needless blindness and we want to share that vision with Fred. Even though Fred has sadly passed away his legacy lives in his foundation, The Fred Hollows Foundation. The Foundation focuses on eliminating blindness, for indigenous Australians and in developing countries all around the world where 4 out of 5 people that are blind don't need to be.

The Fred Hollows Foundation now works in over 25 countries and has restored sight for over 2 million women, men & children. The foundation is independent, not-for-profit, politically unaligned and secular making sure all their resources are utilised in the best possible way to continue Fred’s vision.



The Fred Hollows Foundation focuses on preventable and treatable diseases such as trachoma, diabetic retinopathy and cataracts.

The reason most people live with avoidable blindness is because they do not have access to quality eye health care. In many straightforward cases it takes as little as a 20 minute operation to restore someones eye sight or a dose of antibiotics can prevent blindness.

The Fred Hollows foundation work includes local training and providing affordable technology, so doctors, nurses and health are workers can recognise, diagnose, refer and treat eye problems in their own communities. The Fred Hollows Foundation continues their research to grasp a better understanding to pass on their knowledge and implement new strategies to restore and prevent avoidable blindness.




For more information on The Fred Hollows Foundation visit the official
Fred Hollows Foundation website.